Thursday, December 29, 2011

Draw & Tell Stories

Mrs. Amera shared five different Drawing Stories from Around the World with children grades K-7. First the children were shown the stories, then they had time to re-tell them to each other and to their parents. Some of these creative children took the program one step further and came up with their own Draw & Tell stories! One boy Hadi, shared his new story that was inspired by his toddler aged brother. When his brother turned his page upside down a new story developed!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Preschool Holiday Story & Craft

Some used a little help from their parents, while others knew just what to do! This holiday season they all enjoyed listening to Tacky's Christmas by Helen Lester, and just as Tacky is a unique and special penguin, these children all made unique and special penguins. Look for more penguins on our facebook page at

Scrapbooking Night!

This month we tried something new at the Iselin Branch library. To highlight one of the many popular hobbies children enjoy, children had the opportunity to create a mini scrapbook. Out of only two paper lunch bags, children made their own 6 page books that contained two secret slots and two small pockets. While sharing ideas, scraps of their choice of paper, and inspiring each other with their unique layering of materials boys and girls grades K-7 had an amazing time at this program.

As a bonus, many parents learned that during a long holiday break, craft books maybe a great solution to entertaining children for a long period of time! So stop in an check out our simple craft books for kids!

Diary of Wimpy Kid Party

IMAGINE... what if children got this excited about tests in school??

Crafts, Drawing, Trivia Questions, Games, & Snacks! Fun Times @ the Library!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Read to a Therapy Pet

This month we had the chance to meet CEB a Keeshound dog. This handsome and friendly puppy enjoyed as children read different stories to him. Although initially some children hesitated to read to this "big dog" they overcame their worries and had a wonderful experience reading to this non-judgemental pet. (as all our pets are non-judgemental)Not to be forgotten were Cuddles the cat and Kayleigh our other pets who came out with their rain gear on their backs and smiles on their faces! On a side note: In just a few months Mrs. Amera had the opportunity to meet so many different types of pets and I'm so glad to see their such great Listeners!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Robots + Stories = Smiles

Children enjoyed this robot themed storytime after listening to Robots Everywhere by Denny Hebson and Snowbots by Aaron Reynolds; children learned new Robot rhymes and created their very own robots. Imagine if they can create robots in 45 min. what will they do when they get to college!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preschool Storytime

Can you guess what we did this week?

We enjoyed Monkey: A trickster tale from India by Gerald McDermott and Crocodile Beat by Gail Jorgensen. Sang and danced to 5 little monkeys swinging from a tree. Then ended our day by creating these long green things. Some say their alligators, some say their crocodiles, some say their a craft, and others just don't want to say at all!

Thanks to those who came out in the rain!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ask about your favorite author

A few weeks ago some of your children's librarians got a chance to meet these three authors and one illustrator. From the left, the famous author Doreen Cronin, among her successful titles are Click Clack Moo, Bounce, Wiggle, and most recently M.O.M.* (Mom Operating Manual) Doreen was truely a pleasure listening to and her humor is certainly not only part of her writing style but also part of her charisma. Presenting beside her was Laura Cornell, who's known for her illustrations and her successful #1 New York Times bestsellers with author Jamie Lee Curtis, such as Big Words for Little People, Today I feel Silly & Other Moods, that make my day, & Is there really a Human Race? Laura didn't seem as talkative as Doreen but was also delightful one on one. In the center photo, is Kate Klimo, best known for her Dragon Keepers fantasy series.

Kate shared with us that she's excited to write not only for the readers, and for herself, but also for her parents. Also, last but not least was author Michael Dahl. Michael Dahl was known for several of his non-fiction titles among them are some of your teacher's favorites the If you wera an adjective, If you were a noun, etc. , or perhaps you'll know him by his most recent set of joke books: Laughs for a living: jokes about doctors, teachers, firefighters..., Screaming with laugher: jokes about ghosts, ghouls, zombies,... needless to say he was a hilarious speaker and has recently published fiction books.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Moments!

This month we had fun painting and partying at our Iselin Library!

A special thank you to all our staff members from Iselin, Fords, Henry Inman, and the Woodbridge Main libraries who've helped by donating the main ingredient for our home-made monsters! (thanks for all those paper towel tubes) This year we created 48 monsters, some cute and friendly others not so much!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Have you met a therapeutic pet lately? If you'd like a chance to meet and read to a therapeutic pet just ask at your local library. This program is for children grades 2 and up and is a wonderful way to boost your child's reading confidence. These pets are specially trained and are very friendly. They love coming to the library and enjoy hearing stories. Since they can't read, chances are you'll introduce them to a new story each time you visit.
Another great thing about this program is that all the owners generously volunteer their time when attending these special programs, so you might meet new pets each time you attend!

Look for more pictures on our facebook page!